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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use subcontractors?

We employ both subcontractors and hourly employees who are on our payroll.  The subcontractors we work with have all worked with us for several years and for most of them, we are their sole source of employment because we are able to keep them busy from one job to the next.  

When is the best time to remodel my home?

Home remodeling is performed on a year-round basis with most work, which involves reconfiguration of the interior spaces, not significantly impacted by the weather. 

Can I request or change things during the remodel?

Most of the remodel is planned from the beginning so that all costs and deadlines are accounted for as accurately as possible. In the event that a change is required, either client driven or by an unforeseen condition, it is easily handled with a standard form. We encourage our clients to have minimal changes in order to avoid project delays or cost overruns.

Can I Live In My House While It Is Being Remodeled?

In general, yes you can! Our carpenters take care to section off the area where they are working to minimize disturbance through the rest of your house so you can experience livable remodeling.

Will there be a big mess during our project?

Construction can be messy. There is dust, trash, and a lot of moving parts involved. Still, we work carefully to limit the amount of mess we create, and are constantly cleaning up during our work. 

Do I need to worry about any permits?

Ivan Espinoza Remodeling Inc. will file for all of your construction permits.